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Eliminating Cyber Violence against Women: Challenge on Revenge Porn and Legal Action

On the NGO Committee on the Status of Women Forum, 2016



23 March (Wed), 2016

8:30 to 10:00 am

Conference Room Drew,

Church Center, 777 UN Plaza, NY

“Revenge porn” is the popular term for the nonconsensual distribution of sexually explicit images or videos of an individual. Through rapid distribution via Internet and Communication Technology (ICT), revenge porn has become a powerful method to humiliate, coerce, control and/or assault the victims, the vast majority of whom are women and girls.  Revenge porn should be regarded as gender-based violence pursuant to CEDAW General Recommendations No. 19. Effective approaches to eliminate this gender-based violence and to protect victims require more attention and regulation within nations, and because of the borderless reach of ICT, international collaboration is needed too. In this panel we will discuss how revenge porn negatively impacts women’s rights, and discuss the current situations in Taiwan, U.S. and worldwide. We will also examine the obstacles in legal procedures and what can NGOs do to address this issue.​


Yeh, Theresa Der-Lan, Ph.D.

Board Member at Gender Equality Committee of the Executive Yuan (Taiwan).



Wang, Hsiao-Tan, Ph.D.

Professor of Natl. Chengchi University College of Law (Taiwan).


Carrie A. Goldberg

Founding Attorney at C. A. Goldberg, PLLC and Board Member at Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (US).


Chang, Kai-Chiang

Supervisor of Public Affair and Policy, Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation (Taiwan).


Yu, Cheng-Wei

Specialist of Research and Development, Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation (Taiwan).

The Commission on the Status of Women and the NGO Commission on the Status of Women forum are the global events on gender equality and women’s rights.


During the two weeks session in March, UN, governments and non-government organizations hold and participate meetings, events and panels in order to dialogue the current challenges on gender issue and advocate progressive legislation, policymaking, and practical methods to these issues.

What is CSW / NGO CSW?


Conference Room Drew, Church Center, 777 UN Plaza, NY



Cooperated with

C.A. Goldberg, PLLC

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative


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