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To initiate and to dedicate in social reform by advocacy


To empower vulnerable children and women by providing professional services

who we are

         Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation (TWRF) is a non-profit, non-government organization originally established to help eradicate child prostitution, which was a serious problem in Taiwan in the 80’s.


         However, with the rapid changes in the Taiwan society, types of violence against women become more serious, more diverse and more complicate. We therefore extended our services to provide legal consultation, counseling, case management, and needed assistances to abused women, victims of gender-based violence crime, and children who witness domestic violence.


         Recently we especially focus issues on the violence occurred in the intimate relationships. One issue that we have started to pay our high attention and have begun to take actions on it is called “revenge porn”. “Revenge porn”, which is also called “nonconsensual pornography”, is distributing, broadcasting, posting or in any ways of nude or sexually explicit photos and/or videos intentionally without consent of the subjects. This type of crime mostly occurs when the intimate relationship of spouse or partners or friends is broken off. It is a threat and a crime definitely.


        This type of violence has become a prevalent crime in Taiwan. In 2015, more than 245 cases were revealed in the media. Among them, 88% of the victims are female and about one-fifth are under the age of 18. The victims of this form of sexual abuse usually suffer from severe mental and physical trauma; some even end with suicide.


        We are the first and the only NGO/NPO in Taiwan now who care of and provide help and support to those victims.

Who We Are

Our Mission

our works







  • Hotline: We operate hotline to answer phone calls from victims. All calls are answered by well-trained social workers.


  • Website: We designed and set up a website named ““Anti-Revenge Porn” in February 2015 to help not only victims but to educate people who are interested in this issue. The information on this website includes detailed analyses of all forms of revenge porn crimes, related research and data worldwide, legislation in multiple countries, updated information on the media, and most importantly, information on prevention and what to do when one becomes a victim. We hope that this site is a platform for victims to seek help and to educate the public about revenge porn.


  • Free legal consultation: We work closely with a group of attorneys who are experts at and familiar of this subject to provide free legal consultation to victims. This service is offered every other Monday.


  • Public awareness: To avoid victim blaming and to encourage victims of revenge porn to seek help, we go into university campus providing free speeches for students and teachers. We also go into communities whenever is possible, to participate in various community activities, to share information and knowledge of revenge porn on the purpose of prevention.


  • Legislation: Taiwan doesn’t have a sound and strong law of revenge porn to protect victims yet. Due to this limitation of our existing laws, we do research on searching legislation status among different countries. We also collaborate with domestic and international leading legal researchers, specialists and attorneys in legislation visually and in person. We form focus groups and call on taskforce team for regular discussions. Our goal is to amend or to make a new law that can successfully combat this type of crime in the soon future.


  • Advocacy: Due to our conservative culture, most of victims are too scary or too afraid to speak out their stories or seek for help. We urge the government to develop cross-border cooperation and build up the effective removal mechanism. We promote “No victim blaming” and “No clicking, No downloading, No forwarding” to the public. We also closely monitor the media and request them self-monitoring by not disclosing victims’ personal identities when making reports.


how to do

How to do

If threatened with revenge porn after a break-up, you can:


Step One: Stay calm – Understand laws that can protect you.

Step Two: Find support system - Seek for family and friends’ support or                

                             professional assistances.

Step Three: Collect evidence - Keep all records and preserve text messages or                                          app screen shots as evidence.

Step Four: Report to police.

Our Appeal

5 DON'Ts


  • Don’t be impulsive, consider the possible risks

  • Don’t be soft-hearted, have the courage to reject

  • Don’t be lost in love, be careful on hidden-camera

  • Don’t upload, prevent you from being hacked

  • Don’t panic, be calm to collect evidence


4 Nos


“No clicking, No downloading, No forwarding, No victim blaming ”

our appeal
contact us

Our Appeal

Contact Us

If you, your relatives or your friends are facing this type of threat, do not worry, we are here and stand for you! We can be reached out by:





Address: 5F., No. 32, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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